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    P.O. Box 5

    Cottondale, AL 35453
          The HHS Alumni Assoc. was reorganized over 20 years ago and has been actively involved with Holt High School since.  We offer support  to clubs, organizations, and the school when called upon,( both financially and physically). 
          Our greatest impact has been through our scholarships which are awarded each year to HHS seniors attending college or vocational school.  In addition we have established seven endowed scholarships at the University of Alabama for Holt Graduates.  These are as follows:

                   Woody Clements Scholarship
                   Bessie Mae Asbury Scholarship
                   Jessie Poe Scholarship   
                   Mr. & Mrs. C.P. Hayes Scholarship
                   Mr. & Mrs. Terry Tittle Scholarship
                   Mrs. Sally Cook Scholarship
                   Mrs. Margarete Ann Gray Scholarship

    You can make donations to any of these scholarships through the UA Alumni Assoc. Scholarships and designate your donation to one of these scholarships

    Alumni Scholarships
                   This year we have 4 students at the University of Alabama who will receive our 4 endowed
          scholarships.  We are, also, awarding five $1,000 scholarships to 5 more graduating seniors.  This
          gives us an unprecedented 9 scholarships this year. 
          The scholarships are funded by our annual Bass Tournament and donations.
          We would like to encourage all alumni to get involved in making HHS a better place to be.  If there is a class
       or group wanting to work at the school or help with scolarship committee, contact us and we will put it on the web
       site.  You can contact the school and they can put you in touch with an alumni officer.
    SAT., APRIL 13,2013