• Regular Bell Schedule


    7:45-Girls Dismissed to Lockers/First Period

    7:50- Boys Dismissed to Lockers/First Period

    7:55-8:50      1st Period

    8:54-9:45      2nd Period

    Boy Locker Time 

    9:50-10:40      3rd Period

    Girl Locker Time

    10:45-12:19    4th Period

    12:23-1:13      5th Period

    1:17-2:08       6th Period

    2:12-3:00      7th Period


    3:00        First Bus Bell

       3:05       Second Bus Bell

    3:10       Car Rider Bell



    Locker Breaks

     Boys- Before 3rd Period

    Girls- Before 4th Period

    All Students- Before School and After School