• Welcome to the Echols Middle School Comprehensive Guidance Program! We have two counselors at Echols Middle School: Donora Pinkleton (7th grade), Leah Channell (8th grade) and Mrs. Hutchinson, school social worker. Click here for a digital copy of our Echols Middle School Counseling Brochure. For more information and to see what Echols is up to, visit us on facebook.


    If you need immediate help or advice please call 911.  The National Suicide Prevention Line can also help in a time of need at 1-800-273-8255 or the Crisis Center at 205-328-5465. You can also TEXT the Crisis Line at 741741. Nothing is off limits to talk about, you can find resources, and referrals for other needs.



    - Need to report an incident to the school? Email speakup@tcss.net, call or text: (659)734-2808.

    - The Trauma Informed Parent: Please take the time to learn more about how trauma affects our kids. Trauma also arrives in many different forms - often times you may not even be aware that a situation or experience resulted in trauma to a child. This article is helpful in understanding how trauma can affect our children and even cause similar behaviors that mimic other well-known diagnoses.

    - 8th graders - Start preparing for high school now by learning and understanding what your GPA is. Your Grade Point Average starts in 9th grade and does not stop accumulating until you graduate. Take each class seriously to boost your GPA as high as possible. Click here for more information about GPAs.