Counselor's Corner

Ms. Norred
  • Counselors have specific curriculum guidelines to follow. Please see the American School Counselor Association website for more details:

    What do elementary school counselors do? As the school counselor at Cottondale Elementary, I will:

    • work with all students to help create a safe and respectful school environment.
    • deliver classroom lessons that align with the standards of the American School Counselor Association.
    • facilitate small groups based on students’ needs (with parent or guardian permission).
    • meet with students individually for brief, solution-focused counseling.
    • help students who are struggling to make positive behavior choices.
    • collaborate with parents/guardians, teachers, support staff, and administration to meet the needs of students and increase academic success.
    • maintain confidentiality of students and their families unless there is a need to know or safety concern.
    • provide education and information about students’ social-emotional needs.
    • provide community resources for additional needs.

    What topics are part of the elementary school guidance and counseling standards?

    • Emotional awareness and coping skills
    • Conflict resolution
    • Friendship/social skills
    • Self-esteem
    • Goal-setting
    • Decision-making
    • Character education (respect, responsibility, kindness, trustworthiness, etc.)
    • Personal safety
    • Behavior, choices and consequences & responsibility
    • Career awareness and preparedness
    • Academic skills and achievement
    • Appreciating individual differences

    What do we do in group and individual counseling?

    • Draw pictures, play games, play with puppets or toys, work on projects
    • Talk about little things, big things, or anything in between
    • Build a positive relationship and connection at school
    • Develop problem-solving abilities
    • Teach coping strategies, social skills, etc.
    • Build self-esteem and confidence
    • Help children cope with difficult and/or unchangeable life events
    • Help children recognize and make use of their potential
    • Give children a neutral, open place to share their concerns and feelings
    • Give children the opportunity to connect with students having similar experiences 

    I am here to be an advocate for your child. Should your child need additional resources or assistance, I will help to find those that will best meet his or her needs. Please see the resources tab or feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.


    205-342-2642, ext. 3