• Attendance - Arrival and Dismissal
    All students are expected to be at school on time.  Doors open for students arriving by car at 7:30 am. 
    Breakfast begins at 7:30 am and is served until 7:45 am.  Students are dismissed to classrooms at 7:50 am
    The tardy bell rings at 8:00 am.  Any student that arrives after 8:00 am must report to the office for a tardy slip.  Contact will be made if a student is habitually late, so the parent and  principal can develop a plan to ensure the child does not continue to miss class.
    The Truancy Law for the State of Alabama is enforced.  (A copy of this policy appears in the Tuscaloosa County Board of Education Student/Parent Information Guide and in the Policy Manual.)
    Students should bring a note from their parent/guardian, when they return after an absence.  This note must be received at school within two school days. Appointments with doctors, dentist, etc. should not ordinarily be made during the school hours.
    After TEN absences, a doctor/dentist excuse is required -
    parent excuse notes are not accepted after a total of TEN absences. 
    Dismissal Times
    Bus Riders - 2:35 pm
    Car Riders - 2:40 pm
    Extended Day - 2:55 pm
    ALL CAR RIDERS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 3:00PM.  Parents are strongly encouraged to enroll their child(ren) in the Extended Day program if pick-up by 3:00 will be problematic. 
    Early Check-Out
    Students should remain in school all day if at all possible.  When it is necessary to leave school early, students will be allowed to check out only if a parent/guardian or individual listed on the students approved list comes in the office to pick them uip.  Parents should notify the school in writing if their child is to be picked up early.  Picture identification must be shown, and check-out must take place before 2:15 pm. No check outs after 2:15 pm.
    Check-out before 11:30 am will be counted as an full day absence. 
    Change of Transportation Home
    Parents must identify how their child is to go home each afternoon at the beginning of each school year. If a parent wishes to change what their child is to do, the school must receive the request in writing or by fax (205) 247-4181. Please include a copy of parents Drivers License in the fax. 
    NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Any change needs to be made no later than 1:30 pm to ensure the office staff has time to notify the classroom teacher. Changes should only take place in case of an emergency. 
    Emergency Dismissal
    Parents need to complete the Early Dismissal Form to inform the school where their child should go in case of an early emergency dismissal. Make sure all changes in addresses and telephone numbers are reported to the office immediately so you can always be contacted if your child becomes sick, injured or the school closes early.