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    "Safely Exploring New Worlds
    Through Reading and Technology"


    Carol Zeanah, Library Media Specialist
     Mission Statement
    The mission of the TCSS libraries as an agency of both instruction and service is to encourage reading
    for pleasure and information, to support the curricular goals of our campuses, to teach appropriate research skills in an integrated context, and to aid each other.
    It is the goal of all TCSS Library Media Centers to provide the best quality resources, instructional learning opportunities, collaboration and instructional support for our learning communities enabling and equipping all students as they learn, grow, and achieve.
    The Library Media Center provides open access for all students.  The Library Media Center uses Destiny a Follett software product as its automated management system. 
    Destiny provides TitlePeek®, which gives students a chance to preview books on-line; and One Search®, which lets students get information from the school library and the Internet as a whole with a single search, and WebPath Express®, which limits student searches to approved, grade-appropriate web sites.  Destiny access is available to teachers and students at school and at home via Internet access


    Automated catalog and circulation system

    Internet access

    Group or individual research

    Group and individual multimedia projects




    • over 9,000 books
    • Alabama Virtual Library
    • online resources
    • library media center website
    • Accelerated Reader
    • You may visit https://hosted11.renlearn.com/712651/HomeConnect/login.aspx to view your child's Accelerated Reader record. You will need to enter your child's user name and password they use at school to take A.R. tests.



    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. Who may borrow materials? A. All Huntington students and staff may borrow materials

    Q. How long may materials be kept: A. Books may be borrowed for two weeks.

    Q. May books be renewed? A. Yes

    Q. How many books may be checked out at at time?

    A. 4 

    Q. How much does the library charge for a lost or damaged book? A. $20.00 for a hardback book and $7.50 for a paperback book. If the book is found and returned within the same school year, $10.00 will be refunded to the student upon proof of payment. Paperback book charges are nonrefundable.