Welcome to the Englewood Library homepage! We operate daily on a flexible schedule which means students have the opportunity to visit us at any time during any given school day. We have approximately 7,900 books available for our students to check out. Each class has a designated weekly library check out time. Students will also come to library for STEM lessons with Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Walker.

    Our cataloging and collection program, Destiny, is a valuable resource which is used by our faculty and students. This program not only allows students to search our book collection here at school, but also from the comfort of their own homes!

    Each student is allowed to check out three books at a time. The books will be overdue after two weeks. However, if a student needs additional time to read the book, he/she may recheck the book.

    We take great pride in our book collection here at Englewood. It is important to provide the students with a variety of reading materials that will spark their interests. In addition, we ask that each student take care of our books and be careful not to damage or lose books. If this happens, the cost to replace lost or damaged books is $20. If a student loses or damages a book, a form will be sent home detailing the costs.

    Finally, we have two book fairs each year. With the book fair profit, we purchase items for our library such as, books, technology and Makerspaces. So your support of our book fairs is greatly appreciated. Be looking for some information regarding our next book fair soon.

    Please visit us anytime...you are always welcome!

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