• Jaime Guffey
    (205) 342-2939 Ext #3
    Welcome to the School Counseling Program at Taylorville Primary!
    The school counseling program serves all the children at our school and helps students, teachers, and parents be their best.

    What does the school counselor do?

    · Teaches lessons in all classrooms several times throughout the year

    · Meets with students who want to get help solving a problem or chat about something on their minds

    · Facilitates small groups for students on topics like grief and anger management

    · Consults with parents and teachers on topics like parenting, discipline, building strong families, and students’ academic, emotional, and social success in school

    · Helps families connect with community resources

    · Coordinates our school’s character education program

    · Organizes school-wide service learning projects

    · Serves on our school’s Problem-Solving Team (PST)
    · Works with teachers, administrators, and parents to develop and implement  the school counseling program

    What topics are taught in classroom lessons?

    · Emotions and coping skills

    · Conflict resolution

    · Friendship/social skills

    · Career exploration

    · Respecting individual differences

    · Character (responsibility, perseverance, trustworthiness, etc.)

    · Personal safety

    · Cooperation and teamwork

    · Academic readiness and skills for learning

    · And many more! Ask me if you’d like a complete list of standards or download the “Guidance Curriculum Scope & Sequence” on the  Alabama State Department of   Education website.

    What do we do in small group and individual meetings?

    · Talk about little things, big things, or anything in between

    · Read books or draw pictures to    discuss concepts

    · Play with games, puppets, and toys to connect, communicate, or    practice skills

    · Offer support and encouragement

    · Build confidence

    · Develop problem-solving abilities

    · Teach coping, social, or other needed skills

    · Give children the opportunity to connect with other students having similar experiences
    When should I contact the school counselor?
    Please don’t hesitate to call or email if I can help your child or your family with anything, especially if you have questions or  concerns about the following:

    · Your child’s emotional well-being

    · Stress or changes at home

    · Your child’s relations with peers

    · Your child’s behavior/accountability

    · Books or ideas on parenting or building a strong family

    · Getting help from resources in the community

    · Being a parent volunteer! I would love help with service projects, Career Day, the Counseling Advisory Committee, or other aspects of our counseling program!