• Vance Elementary Guidance
    Kimberli Fondren, Counselor
    Who does the school counselor work with?
    -The Counselor works with school resource personnel and with community agencies to obtain special help for all students.
    -The Counselor works with students.  This is done through individual counseling and monthly classroom visits. 
    -The Counselor works with parents to help them understand children's personal growth and development as well as children's feelings and behavior. The Counselor also helps parents identify and accommodate their children's needs.
    -The Counselor works with the Teacher to help all students.
    What may students see the Counselor about?
    ...good feelings
    ...personal problems
    ...a school phobia
    ...physical concerns
    ...peer relationship problems
    ...low self concept
    ...learning problems
    ...developmental counseling
    Who is your School Counselor interested in?
    Your School Counselor is interested in YOUR CHILD and YOU!.  If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, contact  Mrs. Fondren.  Remember that success in school and life involves a partnership with school faculty and parents.  Parents are welcome to set up an appointment with Mrs. Fondren to discuss any problems or concerns.