•      The Student Government Association (SGA) is designed to foster leadership skills, encourage school spirit, and teach democratic principles among students. As a student-run organization that represents the entire student body, SGA allows students to express concerns and take a stand on important issues. SGA members should be role models for other students, both in and out of the classroom. The SGA at Sipsey Valley Middle School strives to provide an effective, enjoyable environment to bring about positive change for students.   

    The purpose of Student Government is to:

    •      Develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship
    •      Promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school
    •      Improve student/faculty relationships
    •      Improve school morale and general welfare
    •      Provide a forum for student expression
    •      Plan special events or projects
    •      Report council activities to student body on a regular basis
    •      Present, as fairly as possible, students' ideas and concerns to the council
    •      Attend all student council functions
    •      Display proper behavior at all times

    For further information about SGA, contact Ms. Taylor Burge or Mrs. Peyton Gradwell.