• COVID-19 Information

    I hope you are all safe and well during this crazy time!  We are all concerned about our students falling behind, but their safety is priority number one.  As we navigate these uncharted waters, there are several things you can do to keep your children on track. Below is a list to assist you.

    1) Students were issued a textbook at the beginning of the year.  If they brought it home, use it to give small assignments and help you understand the material being covered.  All odd answers are in the back of the book.

    2) Sign up for Khan Academy.  I have attached the instructions for this.  Khan has videos and help for all the material. Please note, I assigned all 6th grade materials available but that does not mean they need to do it all.  Start with geometry because that is what we were working on before the break.  Then work on ratio, rates, and percentages.  Data and statistics are the final topic for the school year.  All other assignments on Khan are review of what we have already covered this year.  Hopefully we will return to school soon, but I over assigned just in case.

    3) Use the time at home to complete real life math lessons.  I have often said that 6th grade math is the most real life applicable math the students will ever have.  It covers things we as adults use in the real world.  Have them use proportion to help you double a recipe or make enough for 10 people when the recipe is for 6.  Talk about the news and all the statistical data that has been given on COVID-19.  Have them figure out population numbers if, for example, 40% of the population contract COVID-19 in our state, country, or world.  Have them measure their room and find the area and perimeter.  Have them add up, without a calculator, one of your receipts.  These are just a few examples, but there are countless things you can do with them.

    4) Don't stress too much about school work.  Have your child work for short amounts of time and take breaks.  If they spend just 15-30 minutes per day on math, we will be ahead of the curve.  

    5) Hang in there!  I'm home with my twin boys who are also in 6th grade.  I'm feeling all your struggles!  I know the math, but that doesn't mean they want to do it or anything else educational right now! 

    I hope some of this helps.  I miss all your children and hope we get to return to our normal lives soon!  If you have any questions please feel free to email me or message me through REMIND. Hang in there and stay safe!


    Mrs. Guin 


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  • How to sign up for Khan Academy

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  • Remind Set Up

    Please sign up for Remind if you haven't already in order to receive important information during our school closures.

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  • Syllabus

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