Marcia Hyche
                   Grade/Subject6th grade Science
                   School Phone342-2748
       B.S. degree in Early Childhood/Elem. Ed. University of Montevallo
       Highly Qualified Status
       Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative Training
       26 years teaching experience in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades
     Welcome to 6th grade!  Another exciting year awaits at Brookwood Middle School!  I hope each of you have a successful,  rewarding experience during your first year at the Middle School!  I am excited to be teaching each of you!  In science, we will begin the year learning about Catastrophic Events (Weather, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes).  In January, we will study  EARTH AND SPACE. Since we are an AMSTI/APlus school, we will have the opportunity to engage in multiple hands-on lab acitivities that I am certain you will find enjoyable!                     
    6th graders are faced with many new and exciting challenges and are expected to be more responsibile than ever before.  Below are some helpful reminders to make the transition to middle school as smooth as possible:
    *Abide by the dress code.
    *Get what you need for 2 classes when you make your locker visit.
    * Be on time to class to avoid tardies.
    *Bring the correct supplies to class. 
     Good luck to each of you this school year!