• Program Description:

    The Hillcrest High Community Leadership Team is a program designed to provide the motivated high school student with the opportunity to engage in deliberative discussions of local, state, and national issues, and to participate in a variety of forms of community activities and service. The Hillcrest High School Student Team will meet on a monthly basis throughout the school year.

    Program Goals:

    The primary purpose of the Hillcrest Community Leadership Program is to identify and select students who demonstrate the potential for and commitment to:

    • acquiring an understanding and working knowledge of the role and responsibility of citizen participation in our society.
    • promoting the principles of deliberation and public action throughout the school and the community.
    • engaging in leadership-building activities that will lead to continued civic participation as adults.
    • encouraging a commitment to community service in others through interaction with community leaders and organizations.

    Program Objectives:

    The Hillcrest Community Leadership Program is designed to provide highly motivated and committed students with the opportunity to:

    • develop a successful and sustainable core group of student-citizens to implement the principles of deliberation.
    • analyze the characteristics of effective leadership through the study and observation of functioning community organizations.
    • offer themselves to assume leadership positions in school and community organizations.
    • interact with local service agencies that rely on volunteers to meet the critical needs of the community.

    Student Requirements for Acceptance into the Leadership Program:

    Student selection will be based on the following criteria:

    • Interview-Conducted by former Team members and community leaders
    • Teacher recommendations· G.P.A.-3.0
    • Membership and or leadership in school service organizations
    • Active existing community service (for example: Scouting, volunteering at local organizations such as Children's Hands on Museum, DCH Regional Medical Center or Metro Animal Shelter, participating in church activities)
    • Attendance/no record of discipline problems