• Roll Tide!
    Brandy Keeton
    English 7 and Dance
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    Please remember that lesson plans are not an instructional tool, they are for information only.
    Class Schedule:
    1st  English
    2nd PLC
    3rd  English
    4th  English
    5th  Intermediate Dance 2
    6th  Beginning Dance
    7th  Intermediate Dance 1
    Students are required to have their 3 ring binder, paper, three dividers, workbook, colored pencils, hand held pencil sharpener, and blue/black ERASABLE ink pens in class at all times. 
    Students will also need a pack of 3x5 lined index cards.
    We visit the library every other week.  Students will be required to check out a library book and complete an assignment on that library book.
    For English 7, please text the message @8agkk6c to the number 81010