• Taylorville Track Club is part of the fitness program at TPS.  Students participate in track one day a week. (Thursday)
    Five laps around the track equals a mile.  Once students accumulate 35 miles they become a "track club" member and receive a track t-shirt and their name is put on the track wall.  At the end of the year they are also invited to a "track club" party.  Students who make 35 mile club can continue to walk or run so they can join additional clubs.  (50 Mile Club, 75 Mile Club and 100 Mile Club)
    Students are encourage to either walk or run their laps.  At the end of each 9 week period we recognize students who have met the track goal for that 9 week period.  We also recognize the top boy and top girl runner out of each individual class as well as the top 6 runners out of the entire PE class.  Track goals for the first semester are : Kindergarten 3 laps, First and Second Grade 4 laps.  Track goals for the second semester are: Kindergarten 4 laps and First and Second Grade 5 laps.
    Trophies are awarded to the top boy and girl runner out of each class as well as to the top runners for each grade.  We also award medals to the "Super 6" runners for each PE class. 
    Track Club was started the year after TPS opened and has been great for encouraging students to become fit and active by taking part in this program.  Last year close to 300 students were inducted into Track Club and our 100 Mile club included 21 students.