• Our school offers an Extended Day Program. Our director is Mrs. Lynn O'Neal. The Extended Day Program is an extension of the regular school day that fulfills the after-school childcare needs of working parents. FVES offers a unique combination of activities which can include homework assistance, tutorial programs, and enrichment activities. The program begins as soon as the school day ends (2:40 pm) and runs until 5:45 pm. The program is in operation five days a week through the school year, excluding holidays, teacher in-service days, half-days, early dismissals, and late starts due to weather. Our school also offers an Early Morning Program for students who need care from 7:00 am-7:50 am each school day morning.
    The Extended Day Programs are a tuition-bearing extension of the regular instruction program for students in kindergarten through grade five who attend Faucett-Vestavia. Contact the school office (205-342-2646) for more information.