school nurse

    Emily Michaels, RN
    Email: emichaels@tcss.net
    Tracy Hallman, LPN
    Diann Kearley, LPN
     Phone:  205-342-6610
     Fax:  205-247-4192
    Our nurses at Sprayberry are the glue that keeps us together!  All nurses go above and beyond their call of duty.  Our LPN, Ms. Tracy,  stays in the multiple disabilities classroom with our student who is on a vent.   Mrs. Emily tube feeds,  gives medication,  assist with preschool child on vent and assist with other children in the school.  Our LPN, Ms. Diann gives tube feedings, medication, and assist in changes and lifting to the remainder of the students.  That is not including fevers, sickness, or seizures.  Each day paper work is required on all students that were seen by the nurse.  All nurses keep meds up todate, stays in contact with physician's office, and visits students who are in the hospital. 

    Please mark all diapers, wipes, and formula with student's name.  All medications should be in a prescription bottle with student's name, dosage amount and how often taken.  We will inform you when items above becomes low.
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