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    Rachel Riley
    1st Grade Teacher
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    Welcome!  My name is Rachel Riley and I am super excited to be teaching the best grade ever!  I have taught several different areas and different grade level, but I must say first grade is the best!  I am from the Birmingham area and graduated from Samford University with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood, Elementary, Collaborative and Special Education for kiddos from birth to 6th grade.  All that really means is I am certified to teach all kids in the general education and special education setting which is a whole range of students - but first grade is by FAR my favorite!

     Meet my babies:

    Your child will likely tell you stories of Mrs. Riley's furrbabies so I figured you'd like to meet them yourselves to put a face with a name.  
    I am super passionate about helping stray animals find homes, unfortunately they usually wind up in MY home... which is a problem.  Now, I have a zoo and a tiny tornado toddler thrown in the mix too.  
    The pups:  First of all we have Nibbler who was named after a character on a cartoon show because he resembled the character.  Little did I know in his old age he would grow into that name (insert eye rolls).    
       Nibbler Carly Sue
    When I'm not at school, I come home to my own personal zoo.  I love animals and have a strong passion for saving strays and finding homes for pets who need a loving home.  I have three dogs, Nibbler, Carly, and Mr. Bandit as well as two cats, Tippy and Pickles.  I consider them my furry kids. 
    I also have a human baby that entered the world in 2018!  Ryan Riley is the best addition to our family!  He is quite the character and loves to play "rough" with everyone - including the pups - maybe the pups have taught him this? Eeek.... Ha!  I talk about our furry family and my son often so don't be surprised if you hear a lot about the babes in my fam!  I consider all of us one big happy family - your child and your family included!