• Good Morning Hillcrest Patriots!

    Be the best version of yourself each day.  Be better today than you were yesterday!  If you see a student in need, be kind. Help each other out.  Also, make every effort to keep this building clean.  It takes a team effort!

    Don’t forget to purchase your grade-level t-shirts!  Shirts are on sale through today for $15 each.  We will hold incentives throughout the year for the grade-level with the most students wearing the spirit shirt.  Extra flyers are in the Main Office.

    Campus Life Ministries will meet on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 in the Choir Room.  Students who attend will be asked to remain in the Choir Room until the first bell rings.  Students who would like to eat breakfast can go the lunchroom before 7:40 and grab a “to-go” breakfast before going to the choir room.

    The gym will be closed during morning dropoff until after September.  When you arrive to school, please go to your grade level hallway and be prepared to sit down until the first bell rings.  You may also choose to eat breakfast.  If you go to the cafeteria, you will need to remain there until the first bell rings. 

    Make an effort to get to class on time.  Tardies count in every class.  Students who have four tardies will receive After-School Detention.

    Dress code rules apply.  Students who fail to wear proper clothing will be asked to change immediately.  If you think an outfit may not be appropriate for school, please do not wear it.  It also may be a good idea to keep a change of clothes in your locker.  Remember, no spaghetti straps, short shorts, holes above the knee.  Girls, if you wear leggings wear a shirt that covers your behind.

    Starting next week and through the month of September, we will have a Perfect Attendance drawing for each week.  Students who are on time for school and show up each day will have their names automatically entered.  The drawings will be held on Friday afternoon and two students from each grade level with perfect attendance for that week will be selected.  Winners will be given a ticket to get a free slushie from the lunchroom during the following week. 

    Come to school every day – attendance matters.  Your education matters!

    Today for lunch, we are having: Breaded Pork Chops with Warm Roll, Hamburger, Green Beans, Sidewinders, Fresh Side Salad, Fresh Fruit and Banana Pudding.

    Remember, we are PATS – we are proactive, we are accepting, we are teachable and we are successful!

    Have an awesome day at Hillcrest Middle!