• Good Morning PATS! 


    Masks are optional, but strongly recommended.  Students who ride the bus must wear a mask.  Practice washing your hands regularly with soap and water. 


    Tardies count in each class.  Tardies do not start over this nine weeks.  You have five minutes between bells.  Get to class on time.  Students with 4, 6 or 8 tardies will be assigned After-School Detention.


    After-School Tutoring is available for students who need extra help.  If you are interested in after-school tutoring, please have your parents sign up through our website. If you attend after-school tutoring, you need to bring assignments with you to work on.  Tutoring will be held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:45 in the library.  The focus for Tuesdays will be English and Social Studies, all subjects will be covered on Wednesdays and Math and Science will be the focus on Thursdays.  Tutoring starts tomorrow, October 26 at 3:15 in the library.


    Members of Campus Life Ministries will be here every Thursday morning at 7:30 am.  This is an opportunity to learn more about making positive choices and good decisions.  Those who are interested should report to the Choir room when the doors open. Students will not be admitted after 7:45 am. 


    Our 8th grade students will participate in a virtual career fair this morning.  Instead of going to 1st period, you will go to your 2nd period teacher and remain there until the end of 2nd period.


    Golf tryouts are going to be November 2nd and 4th.  You must have a physical and your own clubs to tryout.  See Coach Gibbs to sign up.


    Congrats to the following for being chosen as our October representatives: 

    They will be enjoying lunch at Milo's Wednesday, October 27.   


    6th Boy: Tyson Stacey

    6th Girl: Chloe Lin


    7th Boy: Luis Pasillas

    7th Girl: Jamaylyn Huff


    8th Boy: Bossie Fields 

    8th Girl: Rowan Haynes 


    This week is Red Ribbon Week, which is a week designated for students to publicly take a stand against being drug free. 

    Tomorrow’s theme is “Follow Your Dreams and Be Drug Free.”  Wear pajamas to school.  All pajamas must be in dress code; no gowns are allowed. 

    On Thursday, October 28, the theme is “Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Drugs.”  Find your person and dress alike!

    On Friday, October 29, the theme is “Team Up Against Drugs”.  You can wear a team jersey to school that day or you can wear your Halloween costume.  Head coverings and masks are not allowed.

    We would like to give special recognition to Shelton State Community College, one of our Adopt-A-School partners.  Your advisory teacher will give out red bracelets today that say, “I believe in me.  Drug-free.”  We encourage you to wear the bracelet all week long.  We will randomly check later this week and students who have on a bracelet will receive a small treat during lunch one day.

    Here are some basic rules to remember:

    • Respect the personal space of others – keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    • Cell phones are allowed before the 7:55 bell and after the 3:10 bell.  Between those times, make sure your cell phone is put away – out of sight and turned off or on silent.
    • Follow the dress code policy.  Short shorts, short skirts, crop tops and spaghetti straps are not allowed, long shirts must be worn with tights. Holes in pants and shorts should be below the knee.  Bring a change of clothes and put in your locker.  If you are out of dress code, you will be asked to change.


    Today for lunch we are having: Mediterranean Gyro, Cheese Ravioli, Roasted Veggies, Sweet Potato Fries, Fresh Side Salad, Fresh Fruit and Apple Cider Glazed Donut Holes.


    Remember, we are PATS – we are proactive, we are accepting, we are teachable and we are successful.


    Have an awesome day at Hillcrest Middle!