• Good Morning PATS!


    February is Black History Month and a month to recognize the impact of kindness.  Each day we will share a quote that reminds of how to make life more impactful.  Today’s quote is from Marian Wright Edelman, an American activist for civil rights and children’s rights.  Edelman said, “You can really change the world if you care enough.”

    Bring your iPad to school each day.  Leave the charger at home, but make a habit to charge your device every night. 


    All backpacks should be left in your locker until 7th period each day. 


    Candy grams will be sold in the mornings by the office daily, or during lunch Feb. 9-13. Forms and money can be brought to the office during the day.  Sale ends on February 13.  You can purchase one candy gram for $3 or 4 candy grams for $10.  Your message and the candy gram will be delivered on Valentine’s Day.


    Slushies will not be sold this week.


    If you would like to be considered to run for Student Council, please stop by the Main Office between bells to sign-up to be a representative for your grade level.  The Student Council will serve as the voice for the student body by sharing ideas, interests and concerns with teachers and administrators.  Students who qualify to go to the next round will campaign the week of February 21st through 24th and do a 30 second speech on February 28th.  Students will vote for five representatives from their grade level on March 1st


    It's February and we are taking on the Kindness Challenge this month.  We would like to encourage intentional acts of kindness – like opening doors, being polite, using manners and doing something to help someone else. Next week, we are asking that you bring in change so we can help the softball team make a donation to the DCH Breast Cancer Foundation.  On Monday, please bring in pennies.  On Tuesday, please bring in nickels.  On Wednesday, please bring in dimes.  On Thursday, please bring in quarters.  On Friday, please bring in dollars.  The Advisory class with the most money donated from each grade level will win a donut party.


    The following week we will have dress-up days with a Kindness theme.

    Monday, February 13 – We are “dreaming of kindness – it’s pajama day.  Remember, no gowns are allowed and pajamas must be in dress code.

    Tuesday, February 14 – “Spreading Love and Kindness” – It’s Valentine’s Day, wear red.

    Wednesday, February 15 – “Our Goals are sweet” – Wear your favorite college and/or team shirts.

    Thursday, February 16 – “Double the Kindness” – It’s Twin Day – find your person and dress alike.

    Friday, February 17 – “Patriots show kindness” – Wear your Patriot shirts.



    Our next behavior incentive field trip is to Upsurge the week before Spring Break.  In order to qualify, students must not have any major discipline, blue sheets or hallway issues from February 1 to March 10.  Students who qualify will be given a field trip form before the field trip. 


    Air pods are not allowed in your ears in the hallway.  Students with air pods on in the hallway will have those air pods taken and placed in the office.


    Here are some basic rules to remember:

    • Respect the personal space of others – keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    • Cell phones are allowed before the 7:55 bell and after the 3:10 bell.  Between those times, make sure your cell phone is put away – out of sight and turned off or on silent. 
    • Dress code rules apply.  Hoods are not allowed in the hallway.  Use your fingertips as a guide for shorts and skirts.  No short shorts, short shirts, spaghetti straps or major holes above the knee. Please wear a shirt that covers your behind if you have on leggings or tights. Bring a change of clothes to put in your locker.


    Today for lunch we are having: Corn Dog, Cheese Sticks with Marinara, Herb Roasted Chicken with Warm Roll, Sweet Potato Fries and Broccoli with Cheese.


    Remember, we are PATS – we are proactive, we are accepting, we are teachable and we are successful.


    Have an awesome day at Hillcrest Middle!