•  cell phone Did you know that you can set parameters for your child’s cell phone usage? If you want to set the amount of cell phone/texting with time restrictions or days of the week restrictions, block calls, use content filtering, disable cell phone usage after a set amount of minutes/texting, have a warning message sent that lets your child know that the limit is about to be reached for texting/calling, or restrict content, call your cell phone provider to establish these restrictions.


    Image result for social media Check out this Power Point presentation on some apps and games that are popular with our students. Learn the dangers of each one.
      picture Check out this youtube report from Action News  on the dangers of posting pictures online or on a smart phone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2vARzvWxwY.
    Top 8  things to remember about social media and children
    1. Know about the apps, games, and sites your child visits.
    2. Know the codes and passwords for your children's devices and apps.
    3. Set boundaries about using social media.
    4. Search the apps that your child wants to download. New ones are always being created.
    5. Discuss disciplinary actions your will implement if you child is sexting, sending pictures, sharing personal information, or other violations.
    6. Use parental controls, there are lots of free ones!
    7.  Choose an anonymous username, not one that identifies your child i.e. robloxking instead of Justin Jones.
    8.  Use filtering software like K9, NetNanny, or others.
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