• Mr. Bacak's Classroom Website

    Dear Parents/Guardians, 

    I want to inform you of two important websites your child will utilize in my 6th grade math class: (1) www.IXL.com and (2) www.goformative.com. I use both of these websites to support our curriculum, and your child has access to them at home. IXL (no registration required) provides students with practice that matches what we’re learning in class and is a great resource to help your child excel. IXL.com also will be used for extra credit opportunities, which I will explain at the beginning of the second nine weeks. Goformative.com is a resource that allows your child instant feedback on assignments and access to helpful videos.


  • What you can do if your child is having trouble with school. 

    1.  You should consider the Math Strategies Class at Echols.
                Please email (JBacak@tcss.net) or call me for details. 
    2. Have the student's planner signed each day. 
                This will ensure your child has a homework assignment 
    3. Check to make sure all homework is complete
                 Correct answers for most questions are in the back of the book. 
                 Students must show ALL work to receive credit for completing the assignment. 
    4. Call or email me anytime.
                See contact information above.