Parent Involvement Plan

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    Buhl Elementary                                                      

    Tuscaloosa County School System


    Parent Involvement Plan



    The mission of Buhl Elementary is:  We are building a community of leaders.  We encourage and celebrate the leaders within us. 


    We know that parent involvement in our school can have a dramatic effect on the academic achievement of our students.  This plan is developed with the goal of developing a strong partnership with all of our parents so that our children will be provided with the best possible education we can offer.


    So that parents will better understand our school’s program and how they may become actively involved, we have addressed key areas of concern. Please feel free to discuss any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have about this plan with your child’s teacher, a PTO officer, or the school principal.  We welcome your input and suggestions!


    Parents’ Involvement with the Tuscaloosa County School System Plan Development

    Annually, a LEA Advisory committee made up of faculty representatives and parents selected by the respective schools meet to review and update the Tuscaloosa County School System’s parent involvement plan.  The plan is then made available to parents through distribution at each local school’s annual fall meeting as an attachment with the local school parent involvement plan.  It is also placed on the school system website (, available through the principal’s office at each school, or upon request from the central office.


    School’s Use of Parent Involvement Funds

    Buhl Elementary School will use its allocation of parent involvement funds to purchase Parent/Student Communication Folders to promote communication between home and school, provide materials and training to help parents to work with their children to improve their children’s achievement; and to purchase a library of books, pamphlets, videos, tapes, etc… that provide parents with resources in a variety of topics in order to meet the needs of their children.


    Parents’ Involvement in How Parent Involvement Funds Will Be Used

    As part of Buhl Elementary School’s meeting held each spring with parents to review and update the School/Parent Compact and Parent Involvement Plan, the allocation of parent involvement funds are discussed.  Funds are budgeted and expended based upon the goals and priorities set through that meeting.


    Procedures for Parents to Express Concerns Related to the Tuscaloosa County School System’s Consolidated Application for ESSA Funds                        

    Title I funds are allocated to each school system based upon the consolidated application submitted to the school system on an annual basis.  Parents wishing to make and submit comments should they disagree with any part of the Tuscaloosa County School System’s Consolidated Application for ESSA funds may do so by submitting those concerns, in writing to:


    Dr. Walter Davie, Superintendent        Mr. Daryl Washington, Regional Specialist

    Tuscaloosa County School System                  Federal Programs

    P.O. Drawer 3568                                             Alabama Department of Education

    Tuscaloosa, AL 35403-2568                            50 North Ripley Street

                                                                              Montgomery, AL 36104


    Annual Meeting

    By the end of September, Buhl Elementary School will hold its annual meeting for all parents of participating children.  Parents are notified of the meeting through notices sent home by students, newsletters from the principal, postings on the marquee, through our school website, Facebook page, Remind App and through announcements in other languages when we have families where English is not their primary language.  To assist in providing the opportunity for all parents to attend, the meeting is offered at two different times- once during the school day, and once in the evening.  Topics to be discussed at this year’s meeting are:

    • Title I participation, its services, and parent’s rights
    • An explanation of the school’s curriculum
    • The assessments used in our school to measure students’ progress
    • Our school’s parent involvement policy
    • Our school’s parent compacts
    • Resources available for parents


    Flexible Schedule of Meetings

    The leadership and staff of Buhl Elementary School have a strong belief in the importance of parental involvement and therefore have put measures in place to offer parent meetings on a flexible schedule.  Our annual meeting for parents of participating children will be offered both in the evening and morning.  Conferences with teachers are encouraged and may be set up by prior appointment during teacher’s planning times and before or after school.  Parents may obtain information about their child’s academic or social progress through phone calls, notes to teacher, INow and AR access through the school’s website.


    Involvement of Parents in Planning, Review, and Improvement of Title I Programs

    Buhl Elementary believes in involving parents in all aspects of its Title I program.  During our Parent Advisory Committee meeting parents are active participates in the development of the plan.  Each year, the school wide plan, including the parental involvement plan, is reviewed and evaluated.  Results of parent surveys are reviewed at the parent advisory committee meeting and the school leadership team meeting to determine needed changes.


    Timely Information About the Title I Program, the Curriculum, and Academic Assessments

    At the annual meeting of parents at the beginning of the school year; Buhl Elementary School will hold a general meeting where information will be presented about its Title I programs, the curriculum, and forms of academic assessments used to measure student progress.  Parent will learn about our school’s program and the following subjects taught:  math, reading, science, social studies, language arts, and PE.  They will learn about how to schedule parent-teacher conferences and how they can participate in decisions related to the education of their child.  We will review the Tuscaloosa County School System Student/Parent Information Guide, as well as our school’s information, which includes more detailed information on these topics and a copy of the parental involvement plan.  Upon conclusion of the general meeting, parents will be invited to visit their child’s classrooms and meet their teachers.  At this time, teachers will provide additional information on the subjects they teach and how students are individually assessed.


    Submission of Parent Concerns About Our Title Plan

    In late April or early May of each year, Buhl Elementary brings in its Parent Advisory Committee to review, evaluate, and revise our Parent Involvement plan.  There are two parents from each classroom invited to attend. The parents are recommended by the teacher and the parents in attendance represent our school. During the review process, all parents are notified of the review through notices sent home with students and publicized on the school website and school Facebook page.  The notices make parents aware that the plan is under review, that a copy of the plan is available for review in the school office, library, or by visiting the school website, and that parents have the right to give input regarding the revision of the plan.  The notice also states that after the plan is finalized and approved, if a parent finds the plan to be unsatisfactory, they have the right to submit their concerns in writing to the school, and the school will submit their concerns to the central office at the same time that the Title I plan is submitted.


    School-Parent Compacts

    Buhl Elementary School revises its school-parent compact in May of each year in consultation with our parent advisory committee and school leadership team.  All parents will be given a copy of the new compact through open house enrollment packets and sent home with students during the beginning of the school year.  A copy will be maintained on the school website and new students will be given one at the time of enrollment.  The compact will be explained to the parents, and they will be asked to sign the compact signifying their commitment to working in partnership with the school and their child in ensuring that their child is successful in school.  The compacts will be discussed with teachers at faculty meetings.  Each teacher will be given the responsibility to explain the compact to the students and obtain the students’ signatures.  The teachers will sign the compacts and house them in his/her classroom for use during parent-teacher and/or student-teacher conferences. 

    Building Teachers’ and Parents” Capacity for Strong Parental Involvement

    To ensure effective involvement of parents and to support a partnership among Buhl Elementary School, parents, and the community to improve student academic achievement, Buhl Elementary School staff shall:


    • Describe any material and resource support offered to parents in helping their children increase their academic achievement; provide a parent center in school, and offer counseling services to support parents.
    • Describe the training/workshops to be offered to parents in: local and state assessments, helping their children with homework, use of technology, and various curriculum approaches.
    • Describe how continuing professional development for teachers will be implemented toward the goal of furthering their understanding and valuing of the contributions of parents; conferencing techniques; establishing positive relationships with families; how communication between the home and school may be strengthened; teacher involvement in PTO and other family-related activities.
    • Describe how concerted efforts such as Jump Start for pre-kindergarten students to fifth grades transition to feeder schools encourages and supports parents into more fully participating in the education of their children.
    • Describe how information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to parents in a language and format that they can understand. Support for parents in languages other than English will be provided by the compilation and translation of key school informational documents; providing translators to assist with registration, enrollment, and parent conferences; and working with the ESL department at the Tuscaloosa County Board in arranging for tutors as needed for students.
    • Describe how the school provides other reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request.


    Participation of LEP Parents, Parents with Disabilities, and Parents of Migratory Children


    Buhl Elementary School, to the extent practicable, provides opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency and parents with disabilities.  We have a bilingual teacher who is available to assist in verbal communications with students and parents with limited English proficiency.  Individual academic assessments, and the interpretation of those results, will be interpreted for parents in a language they can understand through the assistance of our ESL specialists and translators available through the Tuscaloosa County Board of Education.  At this time, Buhl does not have any migrant students.  Every effort is made to accommodate parents with disabilities. The Tuscaloosa County School System policy for homebound is followed as needs exist for homebound services. Parents requiring such assistance should contact the counselor, nurse, or administration for referral forms and assistance with the application process.  Homebound services are provided through the central office of the Tuscaloosa County School System.


    Parents’ Right-to-Know


    The “Every Student Succeeds Act” requires all school systems to notify all parents that they have the right to request and receive timely information about the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teacher(s) and paraprofessional(s).  To ensure that parents are aware of this right, a summary of this policy shall be placed in the Student Code of Conduct. Parents wishing to request the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teacher(s) and Paraprofessional(s) must complete the “Parent’s Right to Know Notice” form and forward to the Director of Elementary Instruction at the Tuscaloosa County School System. 


    The” Every Student Succeeds Act” also requires timely notice when a student has been assigned to, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not “highly qualified.”  This includes the use of extended substitutes whose qualifications are not deemed “highly qualified.”  Notification to the parent shall be made in writing and will be delivered by United States mail or hand delivery.