• Pace Setters are an important leadership team with many opportunities and responsibilities. We are looking for dependable, outgoing, kind, helpful, 8th grade students with a drive to make a difference at Echols and serve as ambassadors on its behalf! Pace Setters will be chosen based on the following criteria: application, character, teacher references, leadership skills, attendance, discipline, and grades.

    Pace Setters are responsible, dependable representatives of Echols Middle School on campus, in the community, and online. Any behavior (online, in or out of school) that does not promote oneself and their school in a positive light will put you at risk to be removed from the team.

    Typical activities throughout the year include:

    • Participating in a team-building field trip during the school year. This field trip is designed to bring out your leadership skills as well as bring the group closer together for the success of Echols. This field trip costs around $60.
    • Helping new and 7th grade students become acclimated to Echols and host a new-student lunch during the school day.
    • Helping teachers, administrators, and office staff in various school events.
    • Promoting Echols to 6th grade students with a spring semester field trip to the feeder schools as well as lead tours for them at Echols.
    • Working Snack Days, morning announcements, etc.

    Above all, Pace Setters embody the belief that leadership comes through serving others.

    Cost: If chosen, Pace Setters will be required to purchase a comfort colors style shirt. This cost is $25. The field trip is typically $60. If this is an issue, please email Ms. Owens (keowens@tcss.net) to discuss – do not let this keep you from applying to be a Pace Setter.