Welcome to the Echols Middle School Band Page!

Welcome to the Echols Middle School Band Page!

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  • The first day of school is here! I can’t wait to see your student’s smiling faces…or their “half awake, I’ve slept until 3 pm” faces 🤭😃.  Please read carefully…We will NOT play instruments this week. We will begin Monday in Band 2 and Band 3. Band 1 will begin September 8. ALL CLASSES: Please do not bring instruments until Monday, August 16. 
    Before School -
    The band room opens at 7:20 am daily. Students may enter through the outside band door. ALL STUDENTS MUST WALK ON THE SIDEWALK. ALL CAR RIDERS MUST BE DROPPED OFF IN FRONT OF THE GYM. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE SIDE PARKING AND WALK BETWEEN BUSES. This keeps our students safe and allows our buses to quickly cycle through. 
    During School - 
    Once we start with instruments, each student is assigned a designated area for their instruments.  Instruments are stored in the band room during the school day. Classrooms cannot accommodate bringing instruments to class. 
    After School -
    Students are allowed to and encouraged to take their instruments home for practice.  Students needing to get their instruments can leave on the first bell.  They must stop at their lockers before coming to the band room.  Any student who leaves class on the first bell without coming to the band room to pick up an instrument will be considered "out-of-area" and will be subjected to discipline.   This is a privilege, not a right. Privileges can be taken away.  Our administration is very supportive of our program.  We don't want it to be the "band kids" breaking the rules. Students can only be picked up from in front of the gym.  Students may not be picked up from the band room door or the side parking lot before 3:30 pm
    Each student needs their own instrument unless they are playing a large instrument like a tuba.  There are recommended brands that hold up to the typical "accidents" of middle schoolers (developmentally, our students very clumsy at this age).  The best place to purchase, rent or lease an instrument is the local music store.  If you cannot get approved, there are other options that I can help.  Students stick with band longer when they have something that is their own to play. We will not deny a student an opportunity to be in the middle school band program because they cannot afford an instrument of their own. We will make a way.
    I will send home much more information this week.  Thank you for giving the opportunity to teach your student.

  • 2021 Instrument Testing

    All students new to the Echols Middle, Collins-Riverside Intermediate, and Northport Intermediate Bands are invited to test instruments for participation in our programs. The goal of Instrument Try-Outs is to help your student select the band instrument that is the best fit.  Sign-up for a time by clicking the link below:

    2021 Instrument Tryouts

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