• David Lammon  
    Welcome to the Big Sandy Elementary Counseling Page. My name is David Lammon, and I am thrilled to be the new school counselor at Big Sandy! My mission at Big Sandy is to serve and meet the needs of the students of our school. I can assist students with any personal, social, or academic concern that may arise during the school year. I want every student at Big Sandy to know that they can come see me whenever they are experiencing hardships or problems of any kind. I would like to describe some of the services I provide as the school counselor at Big Sandy. 
    Counselor Services
    • Individual counseling with students on issues such as stress, social concerns, anger, academic concerns, and any other problem students might bring to my office
    • Group counseling with students on issues such as behavior, social skills, grief, or other topics which may be needed 
    • Classroom guidance lessons which teach positive character development, social skills, decision making, and many other beneficial topics
    • Provide assistance and consult with parents, teachers, and administrators 
    • Connect students and parents with helpful community resources
    • Organize charity services for holidays and other student/family needs
    • Coordinate educational accommodations for students in need
    • Assist school faculty and parents with standardized testing
    I am just beginning to add information to the counselor section of the Big Sandy Elementary website. Come back and visit this page for more updates and helpful resources! Feel free to contact me at 205-342-2840!