• Daily Announcements
    Please be sure to have your child to school on time each and every day.  Our TARDY bell rings every morning at 7:54.  Your child needs to have time to put things away in their locker and get to class by this time in order to be counted present.  If your child is tardy, they are allowed 3 tardies per semester.  On the 4th tardy, he or she will be assigned to after school detention.
    Every Thursday at 7:30 in our DMS library we have I Am Second.  Everyone is welcome.
    Make sure to subscribe to DMS Eagle's TV YouTube channel to see when we stream live events!!
    Report Cards will be mailed on May 24th!!!
    DMS Awards Day will be held on Monday, May 20th at 9am in the gym.
    Semester Exams will be:  Monday, May 20th-6th & 7th periods
                                         Tuesday, May 21st-3rd, 4th,5th periods
                                         Wednesday, May 22nd-1st & 2nd periods (Half Day)