Thanks to our wonderful Adopt-A-School Partners for supporting the students and staff at Hillcrest Middle School!
                     Milo's      Shelton State      TTL


         We are so pleased to have Milo's, Shelton State Community College and TTL as our Adopt-a-School Partners!  They do so many things for our students and staff.  To name a few...

    Milo's provided lunch to recognize Students and Teacher of the Month each month

    Milo's hosted a Spirit Night Fundraiser at Milo's Hamburgers

    Milo's provided lunch for JA in a Day Volunteers

    Milo's provided breakfast on the January Teacher Workday

    Hillcrest and Milo's participated in WJRD Radio Spotlight & Great Day Tuscaloosa Spotlight

    Milo's provided milkshakes for our Kindness Challenge winners

    Milo’s provided lunch for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week


    Shelton State provided pencils for Honor Roll students

    Shelton State provided volunteers for JA in a Day

    Shelton State provided bookmarks for Red Ribbon Week

    Shelton State hosted World of Work Field Trip for 8th Grade students

    Shelton State provided bookmarks for Read Across America

    Shelton State provided prizes for drawings for Perfect Attendance Awards

    Shelton State provided treats for Teacher Appreciation Week


    TTL provided cookies to Honor Roll students each quarter

    TTL provided breakfast for teachers the opening week of school

    TTL provided funds for the Teacher Wish List

    TTL provided bicycles for our drawing for two Perfect Attendance Awards

    TTL provided volunteers for JA in a Day

    TTL provided lunch for Teacher Appreciation Week

    TTL hosted a Leadership Tour for HCMS Ambassadors