Mrs. Jaime Guffey - TPS Counselor

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    Taylorville Primary School Counseling Vision Statement:

    The vision of the Taylorville Primary School comprehensive school program is that all students love and respect others, work as a team and build healthy, lasting, relationships. They will successfully master career, academic, and social/emotional skills during their time at TPS. Students will be prepared to confidently navigate the ever-changing world around them, whether they pursue a college education or go into the workforce.

    Taylorville Primary School Mission Statement:

    At TPS, we show love and respect as we grow a team of leaders.

    Taylorville Primary School Counseling Mission Statement

    The mission of the Taylorville Primary School counseling program is to prepare all students for success by implementing a data-informed comprehensive, school-wide counseling program that promotes mastery in the areas of academic, career, and social/emotional domains.