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  • Welcome to Miss Jones' Class!

    Our class goal is to cultivate- knowledge, curiosity, citizenship, and creativity.


    Teacher. Life-long Learner. Naturalist. Scientist. Environmentalist. Foodie. Paddler. Hiker. Birder. Music Lover. Health Nut. Traveler. Outdoor Enthusiast. Lover of Animals.

    Birds. Turtles. Whales. Pangolins. Flamenco. Celtic. Banjo. Funky Bass. Sitar. Mandolin. Native American Flute. Allman Brothers. Veggies. Green. Road Trips. Culture. People. Conversations. Ocean. Rivers. Trails. Off The Beaten Path. Mountains. Leaf ID. Little Bear the Labrador. Pepa the Chiuahua Mix. Rusty the Fluffy Cat. Mango the Kitten.


    TCHS Alumni 2008

    University of Alabama Alumni

    Bachelor of Science in Education

    Pursuing Master's of Public Health


    I look forward to an exciting and inspiring school year 2018-2019 with my AP Biology students, AP/Environmental Science students, and TCHS Tennis players!! Let's Go!

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