• 2021-2022 School Year

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    Fall Semester (Fall 2021)

    Spring Semester (Spring 2022)


    AP Computer Science Principles

    Digital Literacy and Computer Science 


    Digital Literacy and Computer Science 

    AP Computer Science A


    Digital Literacy and Computer Science 




    Digital Literacy and Computer Science 



    Email: cdobbins@tcss.net Phone (205) 342-2670
    The University of West Alabama - Master of Arts in Education (A) Certification in Instructional Leadership - October 2016
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham - Master of Arts - History - August 2007
    The University of Alabama - Bachelor of Science in Education - Secondary Education Social Sciences - May 1997
    Teaching Experience
    Tuscaloosa County High School - Fall 2014 - Present
    This is my 25th year of teaching. Although I have a MA in History, I enjoy teaching computer science and information technology. I believe that students need skills in those areas to succeed in the current college and career ready environment. Our AP Computer Science Principles Program won the 2018 Female Diversity Award from College Board and I was awarded the NCWIT Alabama Educator of the Year Award this year as well. I was the Whit King Excellence in Teaching Personal Finance Award Recipient for 2021 for teaching the Stock Market Game.  
     2018 AP Computer Science Principles Female Diversity Award