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                                                                                        Mr. Copeland

                                                                              6th Grade Social Studies

                                                                                          U.S History

                                                                                           Room: 165 

    Email: ccopeland@tcss.net

    Phone: 205-342-2884

    Textbook: United States History, Civil War to the Present, Houghton Muffin Harcourt

    Book website: my.hrw.com

                Username: ccopeland444

                Password: 44444


    Welcome to 6th grade social studies where the content covered will consist of American History since 1865. Throughout this course we will learn how the United States of America came to be what it is today. Students will improve both their reading and writing skills. As well as improve their ability to receive information and develop their own opinions based on the information given and express that information in an effective and positive manner.


    In class textbook, online text book to be used at students discretion, Binder, loose-leaf paper, 5 tab dividers (FYI, Notes, Activities, Homework, Grade sheet / Graded papers), pencils, and blue or black pens. Please sign up for Edmodo.


                Students from all classes will be using the Edmodo. Edmodo is an educational technology website offering communication, collaboration, and active educational platform for students and educators. We will be using Edmodo this year as an additional communication tool and educational site. Please go to the School Website to see instructions for signing up for Edmodo.

    Grading Policy:

    Students will be graded on tests, quizzes, classwork, participation, homework, projects, etc. All grades will be based on points. If a student absent it is his or her responsibility to ensure that they have made up all work and submitted the assignment to receive credit. If a student a recognized as having an excused absence the student must complete and return the missed assignment within two days of returning to school, unless a later agreed upon date is given by the teacher. If a student’s absence is not excused that student may make up the work within the same two day period of an excused absence but may only receive up to 65% of the original credit assigned.   


    Class Procedures:

    Everyday a student walks in the room he or she will begin to copy the FYI for the day. The FYI serves as a starter or a quick review for the day’s activities. The student is required to keep up with the FYIs in their binder. It will eventually be taken up for a grade. At the end of class students will write down any homework or upcoming test in their planner.

                Students are not allowed outside of class without permission unless there is a medical condition that has been documented and allows for dismissal from class periodically. In order to leave class a student must have their planner. In the back of the planner is the hall pass that must be signed in order for a student to leave the classroom. Each student is allowed 3 passes out of class per 9 weeks. If a student runs out of passes and still needs to use a pass that student may request to be marked as tardy for the day and then they will be allowed to go to the restroom. However, remember that on the 4th tardy a student is written up and will suffer the consequences for being tardy as noted in the student handbook. For the good of the student and the class academically students are not able to leave the room within the first 15 minutes of class and the teacher may veto a request to leave the room.

                The information the students will learn will revolve around what we call our “Essential Question” The essential question serves as our overarching theme and question that we will attempt to answer. Typically, our essential question will serve as our guideline for the information we learn and the things we learn within a given unit will work to answer the essential question. Most of our essential questions will sum up the main idea for a particular unit or chapter. However, an essential question may also be created for a day’s activity.


    Class Rules:

    ·      Follow adult’s directions the first time they are given.

    ·      Keep hands, feet, and objects to self at all times.

    ·      Remain in assign seat at all times unless given permission to move elsewhere.

    ·      Raise hand for permission before speaking or making noise.

    ·      Remain on task at all times.

    ·      Be respectful of yourself and those that are around you.




    ·      Verbal warning

    ·      Writing assignment

    ·      Separation from class

    ·      Silent Lunch

    ·      Parent phone call

    ·      Office referral

    All rules and consequences are subject to added to. The consequence may vary based on effectiveness and benefits of the class and the student.


                    Tardy Policy and Academic Dishonesty Policy refer to Student Manual


    If you have any questions please email me at the above given email address or call the school.