• Click on the link below to go to the I-NOW log-in page.
    1.  Many parents and guardians are unaware that they also have their own username and password to access their student's information.  Simply put, each student has a username and each parent/guardian has a username.  This is helpful so that you can have your own password and there is no conflict between student and parent/guardian changing passwords and the other person being unaware.  The parent/guardian username also allows you to view all of your students in one area and you won't have to remember multiple usernames and passwords.
    2.  Parents and guardians who do not know their username may contact the school office at 205-342-2777.
    3.  When changing from the temporary password to your new password, you cannot use the same password assigned as the temporary and you cannot use a password that you have used previously in INOW.
    4.  Once you change the password from the temporary one we assign you and create your own, we cannot tell what that password is.  We can reset it to a temporary password again if you forget what your password is.  Please call the school office if you need assistance.