• Honors Day is a day to recognize students for outstanding achievements throughout the year. There are many achievements we recognize during the school year and therefore, not at honors day.
    Awards recognized at honors day:
    Presidential Award of Excellence: All As throughout middle school and standardized test scores in the 90th percentile or above. (Only available to 8th grade students)
    Presidential Award of Achievement: 85% or above in EACH class and EACH 9-weeks
    Top averages in each subject area
    Grit awards: each teacher can nominate one student who has shown courage, conscientiousness, endurance, resiliency, and perseverance, along with an excellent attitude.
    Academic competition: scholar bowl, spelling bee winners, geography bee winner, honor society highest point earners, honor bands, honor choir, district/state art awards, Duke Talent Search participants, engineering day team, officers of honor society and SGA,
    perfect attendance - no absences, check-ins or check-outs the entire year