Parking Permit Application

  • 2023-24  SY Parking Decal Application

    Parking passes will be issued on

    the following days, and times, in Room 114

    starting on the first regular day of school

    for students:

                                                                                                  Daily 7:40 am-7:55 am

    Tuesday 3:15-3:45 pm

    Wednesday 3:15-3:45 pm

    Thursday 3:15-3:45 pm



    Parking passes will not be issued after 7:55am, through the end of 4th period (3:15pm).



    By applying for, and using, the Hillcrest High School parking pass, you agree with the following rules and guidelines.  In addition to these rules and guidelines, you also agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of Tuscaloosa County School System and Hillcrest High School.

    1. Safety is paramount at Hillcrest High School. Every occupant must wear their seatbelt, anytime the vehicle is in motion, on and off campus. As the driver of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure everyone is properly wearing their seatbelt and being safe.

    2. The parking permit must be fully, and properly, displayed at all times while on campus.

    3. The decal must be hanging from your rearview mirror, so it can be viewed from the front of the vehicle, through the windshield.

    4. The decal cannot be put on your dashboard, as an alternative to the mirror.

    5. You will not loan your decal to another student.

    6. If another student uses your decal, you will be held responsible for any actions or fines associated with your decal.

    7. You can be ticketed for multiple violations on a single day/incident, i.e., no decal and parked in faculty parking.  In this situation, you will receive a ticket for no decal and a ticket for parking in an unauthorized parking area.

    8. The speed limit in the parking lots of Hillcrest High School is 5 mph.

    9. Loud music will not be tolerated on campus.  Loud music is defined as any music heard 10 feet, or more, from the vehicle with the windows down; or five feet, or more, with the windows up.

    10. Vehicles will not be left on campus overnight, with the exception of school activities.

    11. No parking in unauthorized areas, i.e. Junior parked in the Senior lot.

    12. Do not block fire/emergency lanes.

    13. Your vehicle information can, and will, be used in support of any investigations (formal or informal) that involve your vehicle, decal, or tag.  The information used will include, but is not limited to, your name, tag number, parking pass decal number, your vehicle's make, your vehicle's model, your vehicle's color, your vehicle's manufacturing year, your vehicle identification number (VIN), your address, your phone number, and contacts you have on file at Hillcrest High School.

    14. Parking decals are available for purchase. They are $30. Fines are $25 for each violation and you can be fined for multiple offenses in one day.

    15. You must bring your receipt, showing you have paid for your decal, drivers license with you (not learning permits), valid vehicle registration and valid insurance card at the time of registration to verify the data you provide.  You will not be issued a parking decal without your personal and vehicle information being verified.

    16. If you have not paid for your decal, go to the main office and ask to see the bookkeeper, so you can pay for your decal.

    17. Once you have filled out the application and submitted it (do not print it, this is no longer required), paid for your decal with the bookkeeper or online, have a valid receipt that shows you paid for the decal, and the other documents in #15 above, follow the schedule instructions above to finish the application process and be issued your parking decal.

    *Additional rules, guidelines, and parking lot layouts have been added to the parking pass application.  Select the link below to view the new additions.

     **The information that is entered in the link below will be downloaded and removed at least twice a day, when data is present.  No data will stay on this site longer than 24 hours.


    Parking Pass Application Link

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