•  Coneta Guinn
    Coneta B. Guinn
    Senior English
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     Insert welcome or bio text here...Course Syllabus

    Course Syllabus and Class Overview

    English 12 – Brookwood High School

    Coneta B. Guinn, M.Ed.



    • Email: Please know that I would like to have open lines of communication with each of you throughout the school year.  My email address is cguinn@tcss.net (note that my name is spelled with a G, not a Q… it will make a difference when you try to email JAdd me to your email list, and let your parents know as well.
    • REMIND App: Additionally, each of you should add yourself to the Senior English 2019 message on the REMIND App.  (If you do not have a phone to use for this, please email me and let me know.  Also, find someone in class that can keep you posted about reminders that go out.)

    Be sure to identify yourself as your real name so I know who you are…


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be in your seat when the tardy bell RINGS.
    • Have pencil or pen AND paper out and ready when the tardy bell RINGS.
    • Cell phones must be put away when the tardy bell rings. This means in a pocket, in a backpack, or in a purse – not out on your desk. (You will have time in class to use them for classroom purposes, and I will let you know when usage is permissible.)
    • Keep your area clean – put all trash in trashcans provided.
    • STAY IN YOUR SEAT unless you have permission to be up. This includes dismissal – the bell does not dismiss you; the teacher does.
    • You will be expected to be on task during class time. This means you are actively participating in the classwork assigned each day – sleeping, talking with others, etc., WILL affect your daily grade.


    We will be studying British Literature as well as some World Literature and Informational Texts and applying Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Standards as listed in the Alabama Course of Study. We will also incorporate Language Standards from the Alabama Course of Study to include knowledge and usage of the English language.

    Major Works will include (but are not limited to) the following:  Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Macbeth, Renaissance poets, Gulliver’s Travels and other satire, Romantic, Victorian and Modernistic poetry, and a minimum of two modern young adult novels.

    Students will be required to do a research project which will be presented in class.

    In addition, we will be doing resumes and planning for life beyond the classroom…

     I look forward to a great year!