GRAD Academy improves the needs of students who have been unsuccessful in the regular or general education program in the Tuscaloosa County School System.  The academy is intended to lead students toward success of remaining in school and earning their high school diploma through the use of innovative teaching techniques, greater access to counseling services, individualized instruction, flexible scheduling, lower student/teacher ratios and a more supportive environment.

    Goals of GRAD Academy

    • Increase graduation rate and decrease the dropout rate
    • Increase the number of academic credits earned
    • Reduction in absences
    • Increase grade point averages
    • Improve End of Instruction test scores
    • Reduce behavior problems and office referrals
    • Approval of the program by stake holders
    • Prepare them for post secondary education or vocation

    We are confident that GRAD Academy is an asset to TCSS.  The academy is not only beneficial to our students but also increases his/her confidence, moral, behavior, and motivation to enhance his/her future.  Our goal as educators are to teacher and have all students succeed.