Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sara Ogonowski

My name is Sara Ogonowski and I am a second grade teacher at Walker Elementary School.  I have been teaching since January 2013. 

I am originally from Michigan and moved to Alabama with my husband, Matthew, in 2010 to attend the University of Alabama.  I received my master’s in Elementary Education from the University of Alabama and my bachelor’s from Michigan State University in Elementary Education- Integrated Sciences.  Matthew and I have been married since 2010 and have four sons; Staszu, Tomasz, Joseph, and John Paul. 

My family and I love playing outside and spending time together inside reading when the weather is too hot. Our hobby farm keeps us busy on the weekends: we love getting a fresh harvest whenever we need it and having eggs at our backdoor.  The boys keep us busy most nights and weekends playing sports. 


Contact Info:

I am available for conferences during PE most days or after school upon request.

  • Expectations for Work Students Need to be Completing at Home:


    • Students should read at least 20 minutes each night. Please record their reading in their agendas nightly. Include the book title and how many minutes the student read. Discuss the book and ask questions.
    • Students should read the reading passages provided at least once nightly.
    • Students should practice high frequency words nightly.


    • Ask your student to count collections of objects up to 120. (EX. Noodles, cars, playing cards, army figures, blocks, beans, rocks, leaves, etc.)
    • Ask your student to compare lengths of objects in your home.
    • Ask your student to count as high as he/she can for you (by the end of the year he/she should be able to count to 120).
    • Have your student add and subtract objects while he/she is playing with them.
    • Give your student an addition or subtraction word problem and allow him/her to solve it using a strategy with which he/she is comfortable.
    • Collect/interpret sample data. (EX. Have your student ask the family members what his/her favorite drink is, talk about how he/she could share that data with others.

    Read, Read, Read!! Allow your child to read everything! Give him/her the recipe on which you are working, have him/her help read a night time story, read the ingredients on a snack, signs while driving, directions on how to build a new toy, grocery lists, etc.

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