• Hello! My name is Nathan Kenny, and I am excited to continue educating students in the beauty of mathematics and challenging them to learn how to think more and differently. I have been teaching since 2013, but I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering, and I quickly realized that I wanted to be a better teacher for my students, so I came back to Tuscaloosa to work on a Masters of Secondary Education-Mathematics part-time while still teaching. I completed this degree in 2016, and I have been at Hillcrest High School since then! This year I have the great pleasure of working with Students in Algebra IA, Precalculus, and AP Statistics.


    You can find the syllabus for each of my classes under the Course Expectations sections, and that will cover daily expectations and a breakdown of my grading policy for the course. Finally, I have the classroom codes for Remind, Google Classroom, and my e-mails on the syllabi, so you can have the resources necessary to be successful and can reach out if you ever need help. I want to be as accessible as possible to help you or your child find as much success as possible mathematically throughout the course and into the future.


    Finally, if you go to the Helpful Resources section, you can find links to the Google Classroom for each class I teach. We logged into these Google Classroom accounts in class at the beginning of the year, so all students should know how to log in, but as mentioned earlier, the code for the Classroom accounts are in the syllabi.