Here are the resources you need to look over before taking this year's AP Lang Exam

  • Many thanks to Mrs. Mills for putting this information together!

    Here are the links to the information guide just published by the College Board to help you prepare to take the exam.  The information is summarized below in bullet points, but you need to READ OVER THE INFORMATION FROM THE COLLEGE BOARD FOR YOURSELF!  Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

    Exam-Day Checklist

    AP Testing Guide

    Explainer Videos for All Procedures efore, on, and after Test Day

    Website with all of the COVID-19 updates


    Testing Dates:

    AP Language—May 20


    • The exam will begin promptly at 1:00, but you will need to sign in at 12:30 to complete personal identification information as well as complete a sample writing assignment.
    • If you do not log in at 12:30, you will not be able to log in.  Once the exam starts, no one will be able to access it; thus, you will need to plan to take the make-up test.
    • Beginning May 4th CollegeBoard will have a testing demonstration available.  Make sure that you do this demonstration!!!  If you cannot access the demonstration, you will not be able to access the actual test.  So, this is extremely important that you attempt the demonstration.  Basically, it is a generic practice where you will type something and upload it.  This is so that you are familiar with how to upload within a 5 minute time frame.
    • Also on May 4th , you will receive an exam confirmation email from the CollegeBoard.  It will include your AP ID and a list of exams for which you are registered.
    • Two days before the test, you will receive an exam E-ticket.  Your E-ticket will come to your email that you have with the CollegeBoard.  If you are not receiving emails, go into your AP Classroom and check your contact information and make sure that you have agreed to receive messages from them.  Your E-ticket is not transferrable, meaning that you cannot give your ticket to another student—it is personalized to you. 
    • SAVE your E-ticket email in case you need to request a make-up exam.  So, DO NOT DELETE THE EMAIL.
    • If for some reason, you “lose” your E-ticket email, you can access your E-ticket through AP Classroom.
    • Exam questions will be viewed in a web browser.  Chrome is the preferred browser, but Firefox and Edge will work.  If you use Internet Explorer, that web browser will NOT work.  You will need to download Google Chrome. In the testing guide, you will find more thorough explanations of web browsers and how to submit, etc.  Also, if you have the Grammarly plug-in installed on your web browser, you will need to disable it before you take the exam.  The plug-in interferes with the testing program and will not allow it to open.
    • On test day, make sure you are in an area with limited distractions.  You do not need to sit on your couch and take this test.  You need to be at a desk or table where no one will distract you. 
    • If you have an issue on exam day, you will be directed to the make-up day.  Your request must be submitted within 48 hours.  More explanation is found in the testing guide on what is meant by distractions.
    • If you have limited band width, make sure no one else is streaming during this time.  In other words, if you have parents or siblings who stream Netflix or play Xbox politely ask them to put that on hold until after you have completed the test.  More explanation on that is in the testing guide.
    • The best opportunity for success is using a laptop or desktop computer.  You will have two pages open on your screen- the essay prompt and Microsoft Word or Google Docs or whatever program you're using to type your essay.  A cell phone is not the best option because you will be spending a lot of time scrolling.  If you do not have an appropriate device, please let me know so that I can arrange something for you.
    • You will be given a couple of ways to submit: you can type your response in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Notes or you can handwrite it on WHITE notebook paper and take a picture to upload. 
    • Make sure that you prepare your document BEFORE test day.  Meaning:  the day before create a new document and save it to your computer.  You will need to have your AP ID and initials at the top of your paper (both for written and typed)
    • Remember, internet sources will not be relevant for this test.  You will not have to search for any sources or help.  All you need will be the text in front of you.  To recap, that is Rhetorical Analysis for AP Lang
    • You can use notes on this test.  So, all the handouts and templates I gave you, you will be able to use.  (I recommend having at least the verb handout from your yellow pages and the "cheat sheet" I sent out a couple of weeks ago.)
    • The CollegeBoard will set new standards for this test, so it will not be harder this year than in the past.
    • Scores will be delivered beginning July 15th.  Make sure that you go into your AP account and select the college that you want your scores delivered to.


    If you cannot log in to AP classroom, I need to know that ASAP so that Mrs. Hamner can assist me getting you access.  Please do not wait until the day before to let us know.  It may be too late for that test.   Remember you can pay for the test online.  If you are having issues with that, please call the school of help.  I do not have access to any of that information. 

    I will be opening up practice essays next week in the AP classroom to which you can respond.  I will score them as they will be scored on the actual exam and give you feedback on any responses you complete.


    Please print out the checklist and the testing guide if you can.  READ OVER THEM!!!! Message or text me if you have any questions.  Stay safe and stay strong!