Mrs. T. Ford

    Email: Tford@tcss.net

    Subject/Grade - Advanced & Regular English/ 10th


    Because of our year ended abruptly, I never had a chance to tell some of you how special you are to me. This year has had some obstacles, yet I am appreciative of being your teacher. A few of you challenged me. I accepted that challenge and became an even stronger teacher. I only hope you have also grown and learned to push yourselves for greater.

    One of the most heartfelt moments this year came a few days ago. Lara Njegovec, the foreign exchange student, had to leave early and wanted to tell everyone goodbye. I will attach a part of the letter. Again, thank you to ALL of my students for a great year.

    Educational links are located under the homework tab and instructions on completing the remainder of the year will be posted at a later time.


    Letter from Lara Njegovec

    It’s Lara Njegovec, the exchange student from 3rd period.

    I hoped to never have to text that but I have to leave because of the current situation...
    My organization sends all exchange student from the us home, I just got the information two days ago and I am gonna leave this or next week depends on my flight.

    But anyways I wanted to reach to you out because I really liked your class and I am so thankful that I had the chance to be part of your class!!
    Please change nothing on your teaching ways how you teach because you are one of the teacher who really pushes the student, what they don’t see now but it’s gonna be really helpful for their future!

    Thank you for being able to take part in your class, and if the school is opening again could maybe explain that I had to leave of the current situation, it wasn’t my desicion and I wanted to stay, by the students because I can’t say to everybody goodbye..

    Yours Lara.



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