• Wesley Russell


  • Meet The Teacher

    Click the link above to meet ME! There is a fun game you can play while watching the video. I call it "Count How Many Times Mr. Russell Can Say 'Um' In Two Minutes"  I hope you enjoy!

    Hey CRMS Family! I hope you all are staying safe and staying home! I know in these tough times with everything that is going on you all are worried about "how will my student/I be prepared for the next step?!". Well, as of right now, I wish I knew what was the next step. For the time being, here is what you can do to be as prepared as you can to make a swift return to CRMS. On this page you will see tabs, folders, links, and/or images related to the content that we will cover from the time that we were suppose to come back from the break to the end of the year. Please, go through as much as you can before returning back to the classroom. I want everyone to be as prepared for the next step. If you have any issues with accessing the content, do not hesitate to get in touch with me! 



    The links to the content are in the Helpful Resources tab.