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    8th Grade Science

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    Eighth Grade Science Syllabus


    Mr. Messier


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    Welcome to Science!  We will have a fun and exciting year.  I am very interested in making this year a successful educational experience for your child.  We need to keep the lines of communication open. Please feel free to contact me by telephone (Leave a message in the office and I will return your call as soon as possible) or email.

    Textbook:  Holt Science and Technology (Physical Science)

    Course Description:  The Alabama Course of Study subject for eighth grade is Physical Science.  The textbook that the eighth grade students will use is Holt Science and Technology (Physical Science). However, many different resources will be used to accomplish the course of study learning objectives.  The students develop and use critical thinking and problem solving skills while exploring and questioning new ideas and theories using the CER method, the Five E’s method and the scientific method. These methods will be used to explore and explain scientific knowledge, engineering, and technology in a scientific way. Students in eighth grade will develop an appreciation for the importance of the core ideas of physical science while simultaneously understanding the applications and impact of physical science to everyday life.

    Course Objectives:  Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to design and develop experiments and activities to test concepts or ideas through evaluation and evidence gathering to form a conclusion based on scientific reasoning and have a better understanding of the following concepts:

    • Describe characteristics common to matter and how it interacts.
    • Identify functions of motion and stability (of matter).
    • Describe energy and the characteristics of energy involving the conservation of energy, energy transformations, and applications of energy to everyday life.
    • Describe and explain waves and their applications in technologies for Information transfer, examine types and properties of waves and the use of waves in communication devices.
    • Describe and examine light and sound waves in a scientific way.
    • Identify and explain wave frequency, amplitude, and wavelength in a scientific way.
    • Describe and examine qualitative information to explain that common communication devices (e.g., cellular telephones, radios, remote controls, Wi-Fi components, global positioning systems [GPS], wireless technology components) use electromagnetic waves to encode and transmit information.


    Assignment Policy:  Assignments are to be turned in on the assigned due date.  Make-up work should be turned in as soon as possible (refer to make-up work policy in the Tuscaloosa County BOE and Davis-Emerson Middle School codes of conduct). Students will be given a consequence every single time for every single assignments not turned in on the assigned due date or for incomplete assignments.

    Behavior/Safety:  The students are expected to behave appropriately!

    Class Expectations: 

    1. Be where you are supposed to be and on time.
    2. Be prepared and on task in class.
    3. Respect the rights and responsibilities of others.
    4. Strive for excellence.
    5. Perform without excuses.
    6. See Mr. Messier’s classroom Rules/Tuscaloosa County BOE and Davis-Emerson Middle School 6-8 codes of conduct.