• Kimberly Dailey



    We know being home (in sometimes tight quarters) is tough on everyone, so now is the time to dig deep and be kind. Be kind to your siblings, your guardians, and be kind to yourself. This a new experience for all of us. I do want to tell you all that I miss you all dearly. A day does not go by that you all do not cross my mind. I appreciate those that have reached out to me via social media just to say hello. No, I am still not accepting FB Friend request from you all, but I don't mind an inbox saying hello. I'm sure you don't want me on your personal page policing you all. I do want you to know the following:

    1) You matter and you are missed. 

    2) Stay safe! Social distancing not only saves you but others around you.

    3) Be kind to your family. We all are used to having time apart that is no longer available.

    4) Investigate your own interests. Use this time to learn something new and find new opportunities to have fun.

    5) Get Creative! 

    6) Go outside everyday, to take a walk or just stand in the sun.

    7) Find ways to make a difference

    8) We'll be here when you get back, well except for my seniors. But I will always be available to you all as well.

    9) It's okay to ask for help. I am an email, inbox, or text away.