Ms. Beth Cameron
  • Beth Cameron


    Eliza”beth“ W. Cameron

    Special Education Teacher, Lloyd Wood Education Center

     My friends call me Beth, red on the head and I answer to most! 

    I have had a love for each stage of a child’s growth and learning all my life. My special needs interests began with a family friend with Downs Syndrome. I was fortunate enough to be a part of his life in every season and almost every stage. He remains very special to me and is still thriving at 54. I feel so fortunate to be able to remain in this field until I retire!

    My main belief is that each and every child learns differently/their own way! Use of all senses is of utmost importance. The senses give the child all opportunities to try in all areas.

    Personally, I have two children who have my whole heart! My daughter Elizabeth is the oldest, she is 30. She is getting married in February to a wonderful man and family. God does answer prayers. My son Allan is 25. He is a very caring child where I believe special needs has benefitted his life. He began school with special needs children in my first job as a mother and he has never seen anyone differently since.