Below are items not specifically addressed in the parent Information Guide (Code of Conduct) but are expectations and procedural guidelines for Sipsey Valley High School.

     Supply lists for individual courses will be given out on the first day of school. 

    A basic supply list for the first day of school could include:

    • a pencil or pen
    • highlighter
    • three ring binder
    • notebook paper
    • dividers

    **Backpacks will no longer be allowed in classrooms. Students must store their items in their locker that is allotted to them at schedule pick-up.**


    Dress code:

    • House shoes, pajama tops, and pajama bottoms may not be worn at school.
    • Students will not wear hats, hoods, bandanas, or any other type of head covering inside the building.
    • Pants must be appropriately fastened at the waist.
    • Clothing with suggestive or disruptive material may not be worn at school.
    • No undergarments are to be visible/exposed.
    • All garments must fall 4” from the knee. This includes but is not limited to shorts, skirts, and dresses.
    • If jeans with holes are worn, holes exposing skin must not be any higher than 4” above the knee cap.
    • Shirts may be worn over leggings but must be fingertip length all the way around.
    • Midriffs, tube tops, spaghetti strap tops, and any other suggestive clothing may not be worn at school.