Trail of the Giants
  • Hello Panthers!


    I'm Stephen Price. I teach 8th grade Science at BMS and I'm in my third year there. I'm also the head coach of the boys' basketball program and serve as the o-line/d-line coach and assist the offensive coordinator for the football program. PRIDE is such an important part of my science classroom and is instrumental in the success of each student. To be successful in physical science students MUST demonstrate all characteristics of PRIDE.

    Students can:

    P - participate in class discussions and by taking notes

    R - show responsibility by doing all assignments and studying for assessments

    I - demonstrate integrity by doing the right thing, even when no one is watching 

    D - dedicate themselves to presenting the best version of themselves each and every day, and being open to learning new and challenging content

    E - put in the effort towards each task -- in order to succeed, you don't have to be the smartest or most talented in the room, you just have to work the hardest


    I'm looking forward to a great year at BMS! 




    phone: 205-342-2748