Test Taking Tips

Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program

  • ACAP Summative

    The ACAP Summative will be administered to grades 2-4 at Westwood Elementary starting in April 2020. 

    • The assessment will be administered 100% online, with the exception of the documented need for paper assessments. 
    • The content areas to be addressed are Math and English/Language Arts, to include a writing section. 
    • In addition, grade 4 will be administered an assessment in science. 
    • The grade 2 assessment will not be used for measuring achievement for accountability purposes but will serve as a baseline for 3rd-grade growth. 
    • The writing assessment will be administered to students in grades 4 and will comprise a text-dependent analysis in order to develop a comprehensive, holistic essay response. 
    • Test items will be aligned to the Alabama Courses of Study. 

    ACAP Summative Online Tools 

    Data Recognition Corporation (DRC), ALSDE's testing vendor, has provided a training environment called the Onlien Tools Training to help students learn about the online testing system and familiarize themselves with the user interface in advance of testing. 

    • Students can access the OTT as often as needed or desired, either in the classroom or from home. 
    • The OTT allows students to experience the same testing interface they will encounter during operational testing and to experiment with the features and tools that will be available during the actual test. 
    • On-screen practice hints within each item guide students to practice with specific tools and features of the online test. 
      • (Note: These hints do NOT appear in a live test administration)
    • The OTT runs on a standard Google Chrome web browser and can be accessed by students and parents otuside of the school environment as well. 

    To access the OTT, click this link: ACAP Online Tools Training

    To see how many items per section, please click this link: Items per Section