Anonymous Alerts App

    TCSS Introduces Anonymous Alerts Communications Tool

     What is the Anonymous Alerts app?
    • The Anonymous Alerts anti-bullying and safety app reporting system helps combat bullying and other negative activity in schools by empowering students to speak up. Social and peer pressure can act as a barrier to a student reporting this type of activity. Anonymous Alerts is a way to remove that barrier, by allowing a student to report without revealing their identity.

      How does it work?

      The system allows for one-way or two-way anonymous encrypted communications between submitters (students, parents, or community members) and district administrationand/or school staff. Users of the system have the option to remain anonymous or revealtheir identity when submitting a report.

      To send reports from the internet, visit: https://report.anonymousalerts.com/tuscaloosacounty

      To send a report from your phone:

      • Download the Anonymous Alerts® app for free from theApple Store, Google Play store, orthe Chrome store
      • Start the App, enter activation code:tuscaloosacounty 
      • Send important reports to school officials
      • Add a screenshot, photo or video about the incident 

      In an emergency, always call 911!

      Visit the link to view a video about Anonymous Alerts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=LiSiokYnVnw