• *Packets will be next distributed on April 20 by bus or pick up at the school from 11:00-1:00*

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    For Immediate Release
    Hello students and parents!  Our school is very empty without you and we miss you very much.  Teachers, staff and administration have been working very hard over the past couple of weeks.  You will find some information below to help you be informed of how distance learning will work for BWES.  Parents, we are here to help if you have questions about lessons or need help assisting your child with the work being sent home by our teachers.  Listed below are the initiatives we will begin next week:
    • Main office phones will be staffed Monday - Thursday from 8:30am - 12:00pm.  This line will be open for general questions and information.  
    • Our BWES Help Line will be available each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am - 11:00am beginning Tuesday, April 7th.  The number to reach the help line is 205-342-2803.  Teachers will be manning the phone to offer assistance to you and your child.
    • Instructional packets will be delivered via two means: Bus Routes and School Pick-up
      • Bus routes will run beginning Monday, April 6th and will deliver packets to the designated bus stops.  If students do not ride a bus, but lives near a bus stop they may pick up packets at the nearest stop.  Bus riders take priority for packets delivered by bus, but there will be extra packets available on each bus for each grade level.  We will adjust the number needed based on the first week's run and adjust accordingly to meet demand at the bus stops.  
      • School Pick-up for instructional packets will take place on Tuesday's from 11:00 - 1:00 in conjunction with our Grab & Go meals.  A table will be set up next to the meal pickup as you drive through for packets.  You will be given a grade level packet for each BWES student in your vehicle.  Only students from Brookwood Elementary will be allowed to receive the instructional packet.  
      • Teachers will will confirm packets are received each week.
      • ALL students will receive the grade level packets.  Those receiving additional services through special education will receive service packets separately.  Those packets are being mailed from the Tuscaloosa County Board of Education.  They will arrive later than the grade level packets.  Case managers will connect with you to verify packets were received.
    • Grab & Go meals will continue Monday thru Friday from 11:00 - 1:00.
    We hope this information is useful to you as we begin this new adventure.  Please know even though we can't be with you here at school, you are with us in our hearts.  
    Remember to follow P.A.W.S.