Junior/Senior Checklist

  • When do I start planning?  Where do I begin?!  

    Below is a checklist of things to think about when transitioning your child out of high school and into the adult world.  The optimal time to start planning is BEFORE your child's junior year!  If your child is already a senior, it's not too late.  Just jump right in, and get the ball rolling. 

    • Begin with the end in mind!  Where do you see yourself working as an adult?  What type of job do you see yourself doing?  Have this conversation with your child early and often! 


    • Have your child take an interest survey.  Shelton State's Career Coach is a great place to start!  Explore options, salaries, and education/training requirements.  Have your child create a realistic list of careers he may want to pursue.  


    • Create opportunities for your child to meet professionals in their interested fields.  Many professionals are happy to allow high schoolers opportunities to job shadow or tour the work environment.  It is better to find out what a job is really like before you invest time and money pursuing it.


    • Research what education and/or training is needed for the career.  Many careers don't require a 4 year degree.  If you begin with the end in mind, you will save yourself time and money.  


    • Attend college preview days.  Beginning this in your junior year allows for lots of time to research different options and reflect before a decision needs to be made.  School absences to visit colleges and universities can be excused with prior school administrator permission.  You will also find out important deadlines for each college.  For example, many colleges open the application process the August that BEGINS your senior year.  It's first come first serve to determine things like housing and scholarship opportunities, so you want to be ready before you even start your senior year.  


    • Attend Shelton State Community College's Worlds of Work in October.  This is a fantastic opportunity to talk to professionals in various occupations and try out some of the skills first hand.  This year's event is scheduled for October 8-9, 2020.  Additionally, WOW 2.0 is a separate event for high school juniors and seniors that takes place in April.  Click HERE for more information on WOW and WOW 2.0.